Pavia's market heatmap

The unofficial one, made by community for the community

Pavia is a NFT based metaverse project on the Cardano blockchain. The project distributed 100k Pavia Parcels. Pavia airdropped tokens ($Pavia) which will later be used for ingame economy. I made this tool for you to see all listed parcels and even check your own directly on the map.
Before starting, some useful links:

Want to tag your own locations? enable parcel tagging

You may also have fun finding early community names for each area.... i mean why not? Sometimes I need some names for my database :) access the chaos map

For more stats than mine, go check K2's great stats

Display parcels
Showing parcels


What have you done again kiwi?

Anyone may now select multiple parcels at once and add a tag/description. You may add a location (island) or a point of interest based (POI adjacent to a hub, seafront...)

But... Why?

I made this tool hoping the clay fam would help me get this done, but also congregate and make consensus on some details like: is a corner view on a POI considered adjacent or not.
The idea came from the need to correct my algorithmically generated list of coordinates. Improving the algo so time consuming I assumed having a manual review would be far superior, and also cool to invite everyone in my 3d ivory tower.

Wat do?

The priority right now is to tag seafronts, riverfront, beachfront, stationfront, and all POI.
On top of this, tagging sub areas such as islands should be done.


Before starting your own tagging, please have a look in the drop box what has been done to avoid doing it twice.
After a certain time I will collect all lists and put it as filters in the normal map :)


Thanks for taking the time, really, it matters to me! Love going your way
Use the tap and box select tools to edit the current tag.


You must use a desktop/laptop and a mouse.
The selection of plots follows a few shortcuts:

  • ADD to current using SHIFT
  • REMOVE from current using CTRL+SHIFT
  • UNDO one misclick using the "Misclick Rollback" button on the right
  • MOVE AROUND By using the mousewheel only. I know it's not optimal but the left click is used for box selection.

(it's slow to load...)

double-click to enable/disable

Advanced features

Highlight parcels
Locate by coordinates
example: -007 101, 69 420
Check wallet addresses or $handles
example: $degen $fud

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It works also with donations ;). I am doing this all of it by myself, without sponsorship or covert shill. If you want to support my work, and want to encourage the efforts I put relentlessly into it. A few words and a bit of feedback on socials are well appreciated!
Also, I use unefficient code on beef servers that average up 250$ per month... just sayinnn but please don't tell mrs kiwi... (ngmi kiwi lmaooooo). Donate to my handle $3dkiwi or

About me

Hi there ! I'm 3Dkiwi(twitter)
I'm you, a community member trying to fill in the gaps, hoping to provide the best quality for my beloved Cardano community. Why? because I'm really proud to be a member of a cult community of individuals that I've seen countless times choose to care over self-benefit.
I'm all "kumbaya im my head" but I do believe it matters to make quality stuff for everyone without having their hands all over in your pockets... And obviously I'm being the person I want to see around ; That makes life interesting and full of challenges
Ok maybe doesn't look like professional web frontend.... because I must admit... I'm not a developper, it's not my job :), I'm a scientist and a data scientist.
I'd like to thank all the donators and people who encourage me to continue doing this despite te bear slowly chipping away everything. Hold strong, SHIELD WALL!!!.
If you want to get to know me better check those interviews JCookie made:
Interview 1 - Jan 2022 (youtube)
Interview 2 - April 2022 (youtube)