Relative value heatmap

Colors indicate relative daily parcel price based on a uniform distribution. Counting only the last sale per parcel and interpolating unsold parcels.

Regression based heatmap

The point of this tool is to infer prices by the proximity to points of interest, and land location, based on past marketplace sales data. DISCLAIMER: It's just a statistical model, don't go buy things like a degen and then tell me it's my fault plz.

Last 24h median (base variable for regression) is: ADA

Check the nerd stuff category for a detailed explanation of the map and model

I believe this regression model interesting. The model is not fixed but should regresh every day, while the median price updated every 2 hours. To be honest I'm not totally comfortable about it, but well, is there a better solution ? I guess it's better for the laymen and women out there to have a "good statistical model" that is informative rather than a "good friend" that shares very little.
Another topic, te model is computed on 3-days median prices, and displayed by multiplying coefficients by the 24h median price. I use a robust regression model to deal with the severe skew in distribution.
I am fully aware that the brutal and arbitrary separation between mainland and ranchland isn't perfect. I attempted to make the model slightly better by arbitrary delineating an additional "nonoville" area. But it creates a sudden jump in price that I fail to compensate for. If you have an idea, please hit me in d/m.