Current offers Last 1h Last 24h
Parcel floor* 196 ₳ - ₳ 194 ₳
Estate floor* 2583 ₳ - ₳ 3999 ₳
Volume - 0 ₳ 12.4k ₳
Check the UTC timestamps for accuracy. In doubt, crossreference with opencnft
* Displays: "Trimmed floor (real floor)". Formula for trimming= Quartile_1 - 1.5 * IQR
"Let me show you how to tip $3DKiwi" -Chuck Norris

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What's up kiwi?

What matters in the end are the friens we make along the way Oh and a few tips fo the new people out there:

Beware of scammers

Scammers never sleep, don't let them win: prevent this from happening again.
Here are some essential tips to sail safely.

Phishing links are rampant

Policy Id above all

fake phishing cnft.io fake phishing cnft.io

Mind your links

When buying bundles (estates)

Out of exchange trades:

About me

My name is 3Dkiwi(twitter)
I shill projects in twitter, sometime ninja sneak in twitter spaces and consume way too much cardano NFT youtube.
I like the community and want to give back. I am a bit kumbaya im my head, I stand my ground on that: WAGMI together, with friends along the way. Talking about friends, I would like to thank all the PAVIA mods for what they do and did. You have no idea what s***hole the discord would be without them. I'd like to thank all the donators and people who encourage me to continue doing this despite the costs and personal time this tool takes away from me (you have no idea lol)
If you want to get to know me better check those interviews JCookie made:
Interview 1 - Jan 2022 (youtube)
Interview 2 - April 2022 (youtube)